Nov 5, 2012

Turning Off

being 'off-the-grid' in our tiny LES apt post Hurricane Sandy

Last week I had a forced week of being 'turned off'. Hurricane Sandy blew up the power plant right near our place in the Lower East Side and we went without electricity and most phone service for 5 days. I actually loved it. It was like glorified camping for us, while unfortunately so many others are still going through the devastation that hurricanes can bring. Having spent some time as a kid in Australia's North-West I am no stranger to cyclones, so perhaps this is why I am always so blase about these kinds of things? (Tornadoes though? I am FREAKED out about!). Although, it's just a bit weird to be going through hurricanes in NY. Just the same as when the tornado blew through a few years ago. Weird weather. 

But, lucky me, a week off-the-grid. Home cooked meals by candlelight. Billie Holiday. Quiet fall days. Remembering how much I loved my summer away from being 'plugged in'. I literally felt myself relax. I don't know how I will be as a person in ten years if computers and social media and keeping up to date on everything related to being 'successful' revolves around being online. I just want to write music, man! It was so nice to grab my notebook and a glass of wine and start sketching out some new ideas post-storm. My new resolution is to spend more time offline. One day I may wish I had kept up a little more, but that's ok. I will be a much happier person this way! (And hopefully much more productive, too!)...

What do you like doing when you've been plugged in too much? 

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